Departmental Profile
1. Name of the Department– Department of Physics

2. Date of establishmentt- 2013

3. Nature of the Department in brief– Physics lies at the core of all scientific and technical disciplines. Our department has a mission –
i) To provide high quality physics education, producing well prepared graduates who are confident in their abilities and understanding of physics.
ii) To provide students who will make a wide range of career choices with an outstanding learning experience in which they develop strong analytical, quantitative and problem solving skills with a deep appreciation of the role physics plays in technical innovations.
iii) To impart education which may provide innovative skills in their respective area of specialization for society at large and to generate and disseminate/propagate innovative knowledge and differential thinking in the field of Physics essential to the local and global need.
iv) To develop competent man power with deep awareness in human values and ethics – creating globally acceptable high quality skilled, potential, professional individuals for Industries, Academics and Society.

4. Program and Course details of Department (2018-19)

Program Name: B.Sc.

Program Specific Name: Physics

Sr. No Course Name Course Code Class
1 Physics Paper I – Classical physics USPH-101 F.Y.BSc Semester I
2 Physics paper-II- Modern Physics USPH-102 .F.Y.BSc Semester I
3 Practical I USPH-P-01 .F.Y.BSc Semester I
4 Physics paper I- Mathematical Physics USPH-201 . F.Y.BSc Semester II
5 Physics-paper-II-Electricity and Electronics USPH-202 F.Y.BSc Semester II
6 Practical II USPH-P-02 F.Y.BSc Semester II
7 Physics paper I-Mechanics and Thermodynamics USPH-301 S.Y.BSc Semester III
8 Physics paper II- Vector Calculus, Analog Electronics USPH-302 S.Y.BSc Semester III
9 Physics paper III- Applied Physics I USPH-303 S.Y.BSc Semester III
10 Practical-Course-3 USPH-P-03P S.Y.BSc Semester III
11 Physics paper I-Optics and Digital Electronics USPH-401 S.Y.BSc Semester IV
12 Physics paper II- Quantum Mechanics USPH-402 S.Y.BSc Semester IV
13 Physics paper III- Applied Physics II USPH-403 S.Y.BSc Semester IV
14 Practical-practical-course-4 USPH-P-04 S.Y.BSc Semester IV
15 Physics paper-I Mathematical  Methods in physics Thermal and Statistical Physics USPH-501 T.Y.B.Sc Semester V
16 Physics Paper II -Solid-State Physics USPH-502 T.Y.B.Sc Semester V
17 Physics paper III -Atomic and molecular-physics USPH-503 T.Y.B.Sc Semester V
18 Physics Paper IV -Electrodynamics’ USPH-504 T.Y.B.Sc Semester V
19 Practical of Course USPH501 + Course USPH502 USPH-P05 T.Y.B.Sc Semester V
20 Practical of Course USPH503 + Course USPH504 USPH-P06 T.Y.B.Sc Semester V
21 Project USPH501 + USPH502 + USPH503 + USPH504 USPH-PR1 T.Y.B.Sc Semester V
22 Physics paper I  -Classical Mechanics USPH-601 T.Y.B.Sc Semester VI
23 Physics Paper II- Electronics USPH-602 T.Y.B.Sc Semester VI
24 Physics paper III -Nuclear Physics USPH-603 T.Y.B.Sc Semester VI
25 Physics Paper IV -Special Theory of Relativity USPH-604 T.Y.B.Sc Semester VI
26 Practical of Course USPH601 + Course USPH602 USPH-605 T.Y.B.Sc Semester VI
27 Practical of Course USPH603 + Course USPH604 USPH-606 T.Y.B.Sc Semester VI
28 USPH601 + USPH602 + USPH603 + USPH604 USPH-PR2 T.Y.B.Sc Semester VI

5.  Teaching Staff

Sr. No Name Of the Teacher Designation Qualification    CV Date of Joining
1 Dr. Kailas Prabhakar Joshi Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D. View 25-08-2015
2 Dr. Amardeep Tulshiram Shende Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D. GATE View 01-10-2015

6.Supporting Staff

Sr.No. Name of Staff Designation Qualification CV Date of Joining
1 Ajinkya Arvind Zamre Lab Assistant H.S.C. View 30-11-2013
2 Ganesh Balu Wagh Lab Attendant H.S.C. View 28-11-2014

7. Research Activities and Publications at a glance

Sr. No. Name of the Teaching Staff No. of Publications Details of Publications
1 Dr. Kailas Prabhakar Joshi 09 View
2 Dr. Amardeep Tulshiram Shende 18 View

8.Final Year Results (2016 to 2018)

Sr. No O Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade Year Fail Total % of Success
1 01 07 03 2018 04 15 74.00
2 01 02 02 2017 07 12 41.60
3 01 03 2016 01 05 80.00

9. Students Progression view