Departmental Profile

  1. Name of the Department :Department of English
  2. Date of Establishment :1981
  3. Nature of Department in brief:Nature of the department in brief- Department of English had been established in 1981. Former Head Prof. Mardikar A.R. and Present Head Dr. Khandekar S.S. Had been organized two National Conferences with collaboration of Department of English, Dr. B.A.M. University, Aurangabad and Department of English, University of Mumbai chronologically in 2001 and 2005. Now Dr. Khandekar S.S. and Dr. Neeta B. Dhanokar is working in the Department of English. Departments of English enriches the knowledge of English language and literature in tribal students.
  4. Program and Course details of Department (2018-19)

Program Name:B.A.

Program Specific Name: English

Sr. No Course Name  Course Code                                   Class                    
01. C.S. in English (UACS101&UACS201) F.Y.B.A.
02. Introduction to Literature Paper I (UAENG101&UAENG201) F.Y.B.A.
03. Business Communication UBCOMFSI.4&UBCMFSII.4) F.Y.B.Com.
04. Mass Communication (UAMASSCOM301&UAMASSCOM401) S.Y.B.A.
05. Indian English Literature Paper II (UAENG301&UAENG401) S.Y.B.A.
06. American Literature Paper III (UAENG302&UAENG402) S.Y.B.A.
07. 16th and 17th Century Literature Paper IV (UAENG501&UAENG601) T.Y.B.A.
08. Literary Criticism Paper V (UAENG502&UAENG602) T.Y.B.A.
09. Grammar and Art of Writing Paper VI (UAENG503A&UAENG603A) T.Y.B.A.
  1. Teaching Staff
    Sr. No Name Of the Teacher Designation Qualification Year Of Joining Experience CV
    01. Dr. Khandekar S.S. Associate Professor M.A.Ph.D. 01/08/1995 23Years View
    02. Dr. Neeta B. Dhanorkar Assistant Professor M.A.Ph.D. 14/11/2011 6Years View
  2. Research activities and Publications at a glance
    Sr. No Name of the teacher Title of the project Funding agency Amount Year Publication


    01. Dr. Khandekar S.S. An Analytical Study of Feministic Approach in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath and Kamala Das University of Mumbai 25000/- 17th October,2014

  3. Final Year Result
    Sr. No O Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade E Grade Fail Total % of Success
    2017-18 01 01 03 05 10 50%
    2016-17 01 04 05 08 18 20%
    20115-16 01 02 02 04 09 55.56%
    2014-15 02 10 12 16.67%
    2013-14 01 07 02 02 12 83.33%
  4. Student Progression