Department of lifelong learning and Extension

Brief Description of Department:  

The Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension DLLE (known earlier as Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension) established on October 12, in the Year 1978 and has been recognized as a statutory Department of the University of Mumbai since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community. The DACEE offers flexible Continuing Education opportunities for the people. As a well-founded academic Department of the University of Mumbai, the Department is committed both to the highest standards of excellence, and to ensuring that the University’s unparalleled academic strengths and resources made available to as many interested learners as possible so as to play a pivotal role in reaching basic education to the masses. Keeping the UGC focal points in mind, in continuing education too the focus had now to be on the use of technology and the introduction of online short duration courses for the students, the working population, and the citizens, etc., consequently the Department has established an e-Learning Centre as well as Student Placement / Career Guidance Center during the X Plan financial assistance from the UGC.

Population Education Programme (PEP)

Rapid growth of population in India has become a matter of concern for one and all. At the beginning of this century, India’s population stood at 23.8 crore (Census 1901), a four-fold increase in India’s population which stood at 84.3 crores (Census 1991). The present century has witnessed that it reached more than 120 crores. Growing population is not an issue of numbers alone. However, it is an issue, which is intimately related and has implications for socio-economic development, environment and quality of life of our citizens. In order to slow down population growth and accelerate the process of improving the quality of life of our citizens, multi-pronged initiatives are being taken. Integration of Population Education in all sectors of Education (i.e. formal and non-formal) is one such initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to educate the present generation about population, development and environment for a better quality of life of their own and at their future generations.

Field- Outreach Activities:

Each student has to participate in field outreach activity for minimum 40hrs including preparation hours as mentioned below:

  1. Seminar, Campaign
  2. Audio-visual show (video clips, power-point presentation)
  3. Preparations of posters, pamphlets & banners
  4. Skit and any other form of presentation.
  5. Debate
  6. Talk or speech
  7. Exhibition

The above mentioned field outreach activities should be organized by a group of maximum 50 students only, at nearby school, NGO, Temple place, Bus Stand, Market, Hospital campus or any other appropriate area which suits with the activity (with the due permission of the authority of the said place) where the people can be easily gathered and managed. Please do not organize these activities on road / footpath creating traffic problems.

The purpose of the field out-reach activities of 40 Hrs. is to dissemination of skills and information learned by the students, under 80 instructional hours of in-house learning, to the society.

The college has 100 enroll capacity with one unit. The unit performs various social welfare activities. The DLLE unit provides students the opportunities to develop qualities of leadership, social awareness, AIDS awareness. The unit directs them to undertake activities, projects, awareness programmes. The unit to sensitize the students exposes them to various burning issues, social problems and evils. The student volunteers are taught life skills, practical guide and awareness about their rights and duties. They are oriented towards the social cause, and their participation in nation building. Dr Dilip Shankarrao Telang is working as Extension Work Teacher in our College.

Faculty In charge : Dr Dilip Shankarrao Telang  

Composition of Department

DLLE unit:  There is one unit of 100 Extension Work Students each.

Advisory Committee:

Sr. No. Name Position Designation
1 N. K. Phadke Chairperson Principal
2 Dr Dilip Shankarrao Telang Extension Work Teacher Assistant Professor
3 Students Manager (Two) Students Manager Students Manager

The overall function of the DLLE advisory committees at the college level is to advice on the various activities of the DLLE unit based on the felt needs of the students and the community. It should meet regularly at least four times during the year. The DLLE Advisory Committee should discuss the matters pertaining to Programme / Projects to be implemented, review of the activities undertaken, future plan, approve the expenditure incurred on various programmes form time to time, etc.

The college DLLE Unit is expected to work under the guidance of the Principal who shall form a advisory committee to provide direction to the DLLE activities The Field Coordinator is expected to motivate the student youth to understand the value and philosophy of DLLE. The overall functions of DLLE Extension work teacher are to help the students to plan, implement and evaluate the activities of DLLE under his charge and give proper guidance and directions to the student. To discharge his obligation under DLLE Programme.

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