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1. Name of the Department– Chemistry
2. Date of establishment- June 2013
3. Nature of the department in brief-
Department of Chemistry was established in June 2013. All the faculty members are well experienced and highly qualified. The staff members are actively involved in the research work. During the last four years they have published total  07 research papers in National and International Journals. Department have received  grant of rupees 36.66 lakh through a Major research project entitled “Design and Stereoselective synthesis of Aminocyclitols, Pactamycin and Zwittermicin A via Carbohydrate derived Nitrones” funded by SERB. Department has received funds from different agencies viz. UGC, SERB. Department also conducts various co-curricular activities like Science Day, Industrial Visits, and organized guest lectures etc. In the recent past, department faculties have successfully organized National conference on “Recent Trends and Development in Environmental and Basic Sciences” in collaboration with IQAC and other departments. Amongst all students in our department 80% are the tribal students. Through the SERB funded project, research lab was established so that the essence of research will reach and help our mission of rendering to the well-being of tribal society.
Objectives of chemistry department-
• To attract the interest of tribal students toward the Chemistry and utilize knowledge of Chemistry for upliftment of the tribal society.
• To aware the students about the environment.
• To create scientific awareness among the students.
Total No. of Laboratories: 03 Laboratories ( 02 UG labs, 01 Research lab. )
Number of Teaching Staff: 05
Supporting Technical Staff: 01
Supporting Non-Technical Staff: 02

  1. Programme & Course Details of Department- (2018-19)

Programme Name- B.Sc.                Programme Code-                 Programme Specific Name-  Chemistry

Sr. No Course Name  Course Code Class
1. Chemistry Paper-I USCH101/201 F.Y. B.Sc.
2. Chemistry Paper-II USCH102/202 F.Y. B.Sc.
3. Chemistry Practical Paper-I/II USCHP01/02 F.Y. B.Sc.
4. Chemistry Paper-I USCH301/401 S.Y. B.Sc.
5. Chemistry Paper-II USCH302/402 S.Y. B.Sc.
6. Chemistry Paper-III USCH303/403 S.Y. B.Sc.
7. Chemistry Practical Paper-I/II USCHP01/02/03 S.Y. B.Sc.
8. Physical Chemistry Paper-I USCH501/601 T.Y. B.Sc.
9. Inorganic chemistry Paper-II USCH502/602 T.Y. B.Sc.
10. Organic chemistry Paper-III USCH503/603 T.Y. B.Sc.
11. Analytical Chemistry Paper-IV USCH504/604 T.Y. B.Sc.
12. Chemistry Practical Paper-I/II USCHP05/06 T.Y. B.Sc.
13. Chemistry Practical Paper-I/II USCHP07/08 T.Y. B.Sc.
  1. Teachers (Since 2013-14)
Sr. No Name Of the Teacher Designation Qualification Year Of Joining Experience CV
1. Mr. Aute Mahesh B. Assistant Professor M.Sc., NET, GATE 09/06/2014  04 View
2. Dr. Mane Rajendra S. Assistant Professor M.Sc., CSIR NET-JRF, GATE, Ph.D. 16/06/2014 04 View
3. Dr. Halikar NIlesh K. Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. 26/08/2015 03 View
4. Mr. Gawande Mayur J. Assistant Professor M.Sc., CSIR NET-JRF, SET, GATE, 10/01/2017 02 View
5. Mrs. Pawar Sunita B. Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Ed., SET. 11/01/2017 02 View

6. List of Non- Teaching Staff

Sr. No Name Of The Staff Designation Qualification Year Of Joining Experience CV
1. Zambare Ajinkya A. Lab.Assistant H.S.C. 30/11/2013 05 View
2. Tarhal Chandrashekhar B. Lab. Attendant H.S.C. 03/12/2013 05 View
3. Chaudhari Amit C. Lab. Attendant H.S.C. 10/08/2015 03 View

7. Research Activities & publications at a glance- (NB- If there is no research project, only mention publication)

Sr. No Name of the teacher


Title of the project Funding agency Amount Year Publication


1. Dr. Mane  Rajendra S. (PI) “Design and stereo selective synthesis of aminocyclitols, Pactamicin and Zwittermicine A via carbohydrate derive nitrones” SERB


36.66 Lakh 2018-2021 Dr. Mane  Rajendra S. (PI)
2. Dr. Halikar Nilesh K. (CO-PI) “Kinetics and Mechanistic Study on Bromination of Substituted Dihydro pyrimidines using Phenyl Trimethyl Ammonium Tribromide” UGC-(Completed) 70000/- 2013-2018





3. Dr. Halikar Nilesh K. (CO-PI) Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Pharmacological properties of 4-Thiazolidinone, UGC-(Completed) 70000/- 2013-2017  



Research Publication : 07

8. Details of Final Year Results 2013-14 to 2017-18

Sr. No Year O Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade E Grade Fail Total % of Success
1. 2015-16 02 02 02 10 43 59 27.11
2. 2016-17 06 06 06 01 11 30 63.33
3. 2017-18 03 10 12 01 03 08 37 78.37

9.Progression List

10.Future Plan of Department

  • To start post graduate department in Organic chemistry.
  • To start the collaborative research with industries.
  • To start the interdisciplinary courses.